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Stock Photography & Downloads

I have a plethora of original wildlife photos for your needs, whether you're seeking clear, detailed images for a book or a website, looking for a good picture of the school mascot for uniforms or memorabilia, or you want a killer wallpaper for your desktop because all the beautiful free images floating around the internet just aren't your cup-of-tea.  Whatever photos you seek, you can find and download them full-size directly from their source: my website.

Having said that, my Flickr photos are in Creative Commons, so if you want free photos (provided you credit me), click here. Bear in mind, my Flickr photos are not full-size, so if you want them in full size, you have to buy them here OR, if you send me an email at epochcatcher@gmail.com and ask nicely, I may send you some full-size photos. I have a soft spot for science and education, so if you intend to use the photos for a school project, scientific literature, or any other informative or educational material for non-profit purposes, I welcome you with open arms.


If you want to buy, here are your available download options:

One-Time Use $0.50

The right to reproduce the purchased image on up to 100,000 copies of a single printed article.

Personal Use: $2.00

Allowed to use the purchased image for personal purposes only and not for profit.

Royalty-Free Commercial Use: $10.00

A royalty-free right to use the purchased image for any purpose, for profit or otherwise.


To purchase a download, browse my photo albums, select "Buy" for the desired photo, and choose "Downloads" when the "Select Product" window appears.  From there, pick your download option, and enjoy your photo(s)!