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Teddy Fotiou

Pictured Above: Me. Dashing aren't I?

Just kidding.

Short Story:

Hey, I'm Teddy Fotiou, and this is my site, EpochCatcher: your source for everything wild. I walk, run, crawl, and swim around with a camera, photographing every critter I find, so you can see awesome organisms and learn more about them.  If you love nature, travel, photography, and random philosophical musings, you'll love my site. Fill out the form below and receive monthly updates. If you have any questions, or you just want to chat, feel free to email me at epochcatcher@gmail.com. I'm an easy going guy, so don't be shy. Take care.


Above: My intro video. If you're curious about me, check it out.

Below: Also me. I wince thinking about that hair stuck under my mask, but amazingly, it didn't leak!

Teddy FotiouTeddy FotiouA wild Teddy Fotiou in his natural environment. Long Story:

We live on Earth (well, of course, we do) in the Holocene epoch of the Quaternary period of the Cenozoic era, which is just a glimmer on our 4.6 billion year geological timescale. This immense passage of time has greatly increased our planet's biological diversity. There are arachnids that give birth to live young, walking fish (some of which can breathe air), poisonous birds, and egg-laying mammals

Yet, despite this immense biodiversity, the world is changing. Right now, we are enduring the planet's sixth mass extinction. Species are disappearing 1000 times faster than normal, and we're responsible. This is where EpochCatcher enters the picture.

DodoDodo Originally, I set out to document the world's species and categorize them on a taxonomic tree. But, as one man, I was up against an impossible task, even within a small regional area such as southeast Virginia or northeast Queensland. Plenty of other sites, such as Wikipedia, Encyclopedia of Life, Project Noah, Discover Life, FishBase, BugGuide, already document the world's species through collective efforts, so with the handful of species I do document, I would contribute nothing new.

Thus, I decided to use my digital photos and platform to spread awareness about nature, humanity, and our impact on the environment, especially for species that aren't as "cute". Sure, rhinos and pandas are at risk, but so are snails, frogs, insects...everything else. No matter how small, how obscure, or how ugly, every species plays a role in their respective environments, and if you lose one, a domino effect can occur, toppling down the natural world as we know it. Join me as I discuss wildlife, natural history, travel, and photography in my blog, featuring my own, original photos and videos.

New Zealand Fur Seal and Sea Lion SkullsNew Zealand Fur Seal and Sea Lion SkullsNew Zealand Fur Seal and Sea Lion Skulls on the Otago Peninsula near Dunedin, New Zealand.